Anyone who is looking to become a firefighter will more than likely look into as much information as possible on the vast history of firefighting all across the country. Not only is there a rich history in many states, but there is a great deal to be learned about the incredible history of firefighting on the east coast.

Looking at many of the outlets that are available for learning about firefighting, I feel as though there could be more information made available to anyone who really wants to learn more about this incredible civil service field. Right now, I am working on a collection of historical facts and stories surrounding firefighting not just along the east coast, but also up north to center on New England.

There are plenty of amazing people that are worth mentioning, including some of the top pioneers in the firefighting world who worked to improve upon safety gear and all of the different firefighting tools that are known to be used today. If there is anyone who may have some information to add to what I am gathering for my writing, I would be willing to hear anything that you may have to offer about firefighting on the east coast.